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On the equator, east of Africa, lie the Seychelles. Famous as the most beautiful and pristine islands in the world. This is where Takamaka Rum has its home.

Takamaka Rum is not just made in the Seychelles. It’s made from the Seychelles. From the water of Eden and Mother Nature’s sugarcane, right through to the Creole culture of its people.

Takamaka is more than a rum - it´s a celebration of the Seychelles.

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Takamaka Rum St. André 8 Years with a gift box
699 sek
Nr 81798

St. André 8 Years

Inspired by the rich heritage of its home La Plaine - St. André, this premium slow aged rum is a labor of love for all involved. Aged for 8 years in American oak and gently filtered to preserve the delicate flavors of vanilla, marmalade and oak with a touch of spice. All beautifully integrated for a smooth, luxurious and lingering finish.

Takamaka Rum St. André 8 Years is 40% vol. strong, comes in a 100 cl bottle and is packaged in a cardboard gift box. Enjoy neat for maximum enjoyment or on the rocks.