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Aleixo Gold and Aleixo Blue
29:90 sek/bottle

Shake & Shine

Aleixo Blue & Aleixo Gold are two wonderfully fresh, unsweetened wine-cocktails. Enjoy well chilled, straight from the bottle or poured into a large glass with ice.

Shake the bottle and it will magically shine. Aleixo Blue & Aleixo Gold are sugar-free. A refreshing and super cool product that spreads a little extra glamour to the party!

Comes in two flavors:

Aleixo Gold - wine/passion fruit

Aleixo Blue - wine/blueberry

Aleixo is produced by the Portuguese winemaker Real Cave do Cedro who has produced wines since 1951 and are managed by the Aleixo family since its foundation.

Sugar free - 5,5% - 33 cl - Shake & Shine

Gluten free | Vegan friendly
| Contain sulphites |
Origin Portugal

Enjoy cold and please drink responsibly